Dream-A-Way Sends Clients to the Circus

Thank you dream a way for our circus tickets, us four girls had an amazing evening full of fun laughter and breathtaking moments. My favourite part was the three brothers on the poles in the picture, they were very daring and funny. We all loved every minute of the evening.  Thanks again Morgan Hawkins


We really had an excellent time, Chico the clown was hilarious, the acts were very good. Many thanks to dream-a-way for giving us this opportunity,  Regards the Ellis family x


We were lucky enough to receive tickets for the show on the 4th June 2015. The whole Circus Team were working very hard and seemed to be really enjoying it. We had a great time and it is highly recommended to all family’s! Paul Spencer


This is Noah, our little lad who helps with our recycling. He said he had an awesome time & even got to Hoola hoop with Chico Rico the clown, hasn’t stopped talking about it according to his nan.