Mobile phone recycling

Why Recycle Your Old Phone?

It is estimated that 90 million phones are hiding in drawers and cupboards across the UK, this amounts to 11250 tonnes. Which would weigh almost six times as much as the London Eye!
It is also estimated that less than 20% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are currently recycled.
Every hour 1712 mobile phones are replaced in the UK.

Why donate them to Dream-A-Way?

Dream-A-Way can turn your old phones into cash, which in turn is used to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves.
Plus you’ll be helping save on valuable world materials and reducing your carbon footprint!

What Happens To The Phones You Donate?

Dream-A-Way works with several mobile phone refurbishers who guarantee that every phone is either reused in developing countries or recycled, so either way this ensures that 100% of the phones collected are diverted from landfill sites where they can cause serious environmental problems.

What can we take?

We can recycle any mobile phones, whether working or otherwise. Obviously phones which are in working order and with charger etc will earn Dream-A-Way a bigger donation from the recycling companies, however we can accept all phones whatever their condition, and regardless of whether they come with accessories etc.
Please note we cannot recycle corded or cordless landline phones.

Sometimes we sell the phones and other donated items via our eBay charity account to raise funds which we then use to provide our holidays.

For further details of this service and other ways you can help Dream-A-Way by recycling various items please contact us.

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