Jo Thanks Dream-A-Way for Lion King Trip

Jo was born in 1976, arriving early at 28 weeks and weighing only 2lbs


At the age of four, Jo started to have problems with her sight and balance. After two years of tests and investigations, doctors diagnosed a cyst on the brain.

Jo underwent surgery and part of the cyst was removed. Because the roots were embedded in the brain, surgeons had to fit a shunt to relieve the pressure as the tumor grew again. A metal plate was fitted to protect the exposed area.

A few months later doctors diagnosed Epilepsy and a juggle of medication began.

Life carried on and Jo returned to school sporting a Noddy hat to cover the scars.

After school Jo went on to college, but something wasn’t right. After yet more tests doctors discovered that the shunt had malfunctioned. After another operation Jo contracted an infection and almost lost her life.

After some dark times the sun began to shine and Jo had care, support and counselling. During this time Jo heard about Dream-A-Way and contacted them with her story. Jo loved to listen to music and her dream was to go and see a musical live on stage.

In particular she wanted to go and see The Lion King in London. As she was unable to travel on her own she asked if Dream-A-Way would help to send her along with her Mum and Dad, who had been so fantastic throughout everything with their continuous love, support and care.

With the help of Dream-A-Way, Jo’s dream came true and she had a wonderful, exciting trip to London with her family.

Jo selling Dream-A-Way tickets at Princesshay

Jo selling Dream-A-Way tickets at Princesshay

Today Jo says she has found recovery in writing, friendships, loving and volunteering with The British Red Cross, Hospiscare and now with Dream-A-Way, so that she can go on to help others live their dream.
Although life is still not perfect, due to night time epilepsy, Jo feels blessed to see the sun rise and the dawning of a new day.