Leave a gift in your Will

Photo of Family making magical memories!

Making magical memories!

Leave a charity legacy gift in your Will and help us continue our work 

As you know, Dream-A-Way has been helping children and adults with disabilities in Devon to enjoy much-needed holidays and days out since 1993 thanks to the generous support of people like you. We were delighted to welcome our 10,000th guest last summer to one of our fully accessible holiday homes at Sandy Bay in Exmouth. As we are run completely by volunteers, your gift will provide great value and help our guests to create memories that last a lifetime.

Leaving a gift to Dream-A-Way in your will is a great way of ensuring that the people of Devon who need a helping hand will be able to benefit from our valuable services in the years to come and it’s easier than you think…

How to leave a legacy gift

If you already have a will and want to leave a legacy gift to Dream-A-Way, you simply need to make a codicil (amendment) so just speak to whoever created your will and they will help you.

If you don’t have a will, you’ll need to work out what you’ve got by writing down everything you own – including savings, possessions, property – and their rough value. Then write down the names of relatives and friends you want to include. Match up the two lists and you’re now ready to decide on who can help you write it.

As there are a few options, you may wish to look at the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert and the Citizens Advice websites which will give you the pros and cons of each route. If you think you may need Inheritance Tax planning advice (as at January 2017, the law says you pay 40% of any assets worth over £325,000 that you leave), there are many legal ways you can plan ahead to reduce this. This link to STEP lists solicitors specialising in probate work who are well placed to deal with enquiries about IHT.

The kind of gifts you can leave to Dream-A-Way

A share of your estate (Residuary Legacy): Once you’ve worked out what you’d like to leave to family and friends, you can donate a share, or all of what’s left.

A specific sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy): If you want to leave a lump sum to Dream-A-Way, you can simply specify an amount.

A specific item: Jewellery, a first edition book, or any item that you think will be of some value to our work when sold.

I hope you find this information helpful and will consider remembering Dream-A-Way in your will.

With warmest wishes,

Jeff Merrett MBE