Lewis Fulfils his Dream of Visiting Famous Magic Shop

I wouimage 2ld like to thank you all for your very kind donation which helped me take my son to Kent to the Alakazam HQ.

Lewis is a great lover of magic and has been since he was 7, Alakazam has always been a place that he’s talked about going to.
After a 7 hour journey and a visit at the side of the road from the AA man we were finally there!! I took Lewis out for a steak dinner and a trip to the cinema. The next morning Lewis was raring to go……

image 3
I’d hardly stopped the car when Lewis jumped out and had dissapeared into Alakazam!!
Lewis met all the staff and got to share his own ideas with them which they loved and actually ended up filming them! The trailer for this can be seen on the Alakazam website, it’s called Punched!!

After a day crammed full of magic, we went for an Indian meal then back to the hotel.
The journey home only took 5 hours and no AA man was needed – bonus!!
Personally the best bit for me was driving past stone henge, ticked something off my bucket list, always wanted to see it!!

Overall, this was an amazing experience. Thank you.