Lilliarna Loved Her First Foreign Holiday!

Three year old Lilliarna had a fantastic holiday with her family in Majorca and it was her first time abroad!

Lilliarna sat in her plane seat full of excitement and with a beaming smile!
My first time on a plane!

Her family heard about Dream-A-Way from one of our volunteers who was organising a fundraiser so they applied on our website and were over the moon when they received confirmation of their grant.

Lilliarna was so excited leading up to the departure date and loved every minute of the flight as you can see from her beaming smile above!

A smiling Lilliarna chilling on a sun bed, wearing a straw hat and sunglasses in her bright pink and purple top and shorts.
This is the life!

Lilliarna’s parents said the highlights of the holiday were seeing her enjoying the warm sunshine and having hours of fun in the pool with all her family around her. She loved her pony and cart ride and the four seater family bike ride was great fun too. She also had a trip on the pirate ship and had her hair braided for the first time ever!

The holiday meant so much to everyone as other family members came too meaning that Lilliarna had lots of support with the travel and during the holiday.

We now have lots of beautiful memories that will last forever and we are so grateful to Dream-A-Way, your brilliant volunteers and everyone who donates to the charity for making this possible.

Thank you so much from us all xxx