Making special memories for Chris and his family

We heard about Dream-A-Way through a friend who , unfortunately , also has terminal cancer  .We often meet at the Chiefs ground , I try to go when I can but it hasn’t always been possible.

When Dream-A-Way told us we had been awarded a holiday grant we were simply ecstatic !

The kids were very excited as we had to cancel our holiday last year because of my chemotherapy

Both my wife and I were really looking forward to a family break

Our special holiday to Fuerteventura meant EVERYTHING to me

The chance to get away as a family and not to have to think about my cancer, the treatment or day to day chores and living.  Our kids kept saying what a great time they were having and my youngest cried when we left 

We bought inflatables  for our last holiday which we had to cancel . For the last ten months the children have asked “ when can we used them again?”

We had many highlights and built extra special memories doing things together as a family 

Watching the kids laugh so much they gave themselves hiccups. Watching the kids float around for hours in the pool on their inflatables . I remember watching my children in the disco dancing  and that image will stay with me for a long time

Thank you Dream-A-Way