Martin Expresses his Thanks

One of the families we have helped over the years are The Boults and Martin wanted to share his thanks in a letter.

With his permission, we have published it here


Dear Jeff, Gill and the Dream-A-Way team,


I wanted to take a little time to write to you all from a father’s perspective as Catherine moves 
towards a more independent life. Catherine is at a stage where she is looking towards applying to 
universities and this could of course involve moving away next year.

Dream-A-Way has always been 
a big part of our family as you have shown us unconditional support often above that shown by our 
extended family. You have been ‘memory makers’ and could not fully understand how big an impact 
this has had on all of us, many of our big moments have been facilitated by the amazing work you all 

Exeter City vs Mansfield Lge Two

Exeter City vs Mansfield Lge Two

My wife is an only child and has a very small family that all lives a long way away and are not 
very mobile.

Having set this scene I would like to take this opportunity to list some of the 
memories you have given us.
The first time the children remember meeting their grandparents from the north was at 
Devon Cliffs.
While at Devon Cliffs Catherine and Heather were unexpectedly offered spaces to visit 
Disneyland Paris as part of the Dream-A-Way trip and then later extra spaces for Ryan and I 
came available – This was our first time abroad as a family and the first time the children had 
been anywhere abroad. We loved it so much we saved to go back a few years later 

Christmas in Portugal 2013 with a voucher auctioned at a Golf day and then financial support 
from you was the first time Ryan had been on an airplane and only the second for Catherine 
with ashort flight to Ireland being the first for the TranMOTM - Photo mandatory by-line: Gary Day/Pinnacle - Tel: +44(0)1363 881025 - VAT Reg: 183700120 - Mobile:0797 1270 681 - 24/10/15 - SPORT - Football - League Two - Exeter City v Notts County, St James Park, Exeter, Devonsplant games. This was also the 
warmest place we had ever been and the furthest south. We have the bug now for more 
distant travel thanks to you guys!
Devon Cliffs 2014 was the last time we got to see Heathers mum before she sadly passed 
awaysoon after.  Attending your wonderful Gala events have been the only occasions we have had to break 
out the glam rags together.

CATHERINE AND HEATHER DECEMBER 2013Attending your Golf day lead to Catherine meeting Joe Hammond and being given the 
amazing gift of leisure membership at Woodbury Park. This is something we could not have 
afforded to have done for ourselves and we have taken advantage of regularly and will 
greatly miss. Catherine had her most successful sporting year gaining medals in 6 out of 7 
events at this year’s British Transplant Games, we believe this is linked to being able to train 
more regularly.

Attending Exeter City as a family and getting to walk onto the pitch and meet players is 
something very few fans get to enjoy. I personally love football and have really enjoyed these days. This was topped at the Notts County game this year by being able to go and 
collect the signed ball on behalf of Dream-A-Way. Thank you for this it meant a lot to me.

The confidence you have given to Catherine by allowing her to take centre stage at so
events is amazing. She is always nervous and worried that she will do you proud but you 
have never applied pressure to her or failed to lift her. She comes away feeling like a valued 
and loved young lady.

I hope this goes some small way to demonstrating how important you have all been to us and the 
impact this wonderful charity has. We really do think of you all as a blessing to us and are grateful 
for the years of support and friendship.

Thank you all so very much for everything you do and the efforts you go to.

Yours Truly

Martin Boult