Close Shave for Sandra!

Photo of Sandra smiling at camera despite being about to lose her long hair

Sandra Doran had her head shaved to a grade 2 in order to raise funds for Dream-a-Way on Saturday 26th October at Devon Cliffs in the reception area. But why, and who is Sandra?

Sandra is a 60 year old Exmouth woman who came across Dream-a-way a few years ago when her sister-in-law was a volunteer and since then she has helped cleaned our vans diligently the majority of Saturdays during the open season.  She does this despite being disabled herself and now having to use a mobility scooter to help her get around.

But why have her head shaved? It’s not been a great time for Sandra; her mother, age 88, who loves children and was a nursery nurse in her working days, was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Things then took a turn for the worse early this year when her husband, Alun, become seriously unwell with untreatable cancer. Sadly Alun passed away on 15th July 2019 with all the £300 collection after the service being donated to Dream-a-Way.

Sandra, like many of us, dislikes cancer and the effect it has on families, especially children. Having spoken with her mother she feels inspired to raise more funds for Dream-a-Way.  Taking into account her mother’s love of children, the importance of making life long lasting memories and the support of disabled people, her idea of a head shave was born.  We thank you Sandra! To donate and show your support, please click on the link below