Thank you Dream-A-Way from the Povey-Naylor family.

We wanted to thank Dream-A-Way so very much for helping enable us to have our first proper family holiday. 

Our son Albie is autistic – which as you’ll no doubt be only too aware impacts our family enormously. 

One of the six of us before we left for France

I had to give up work as an occupational therapist which was really important to me, but not as important as being there for our little boy who has struggled so much in so many ways. 

With limited resources both financially and time (we have to spread our time carefully throughout the school holidays as we have no other support), it has meant we have only ever been able to manage a long weekend camping which requires epic planning!

Being able to go to Les Mouettes in Brittany was a dream come true for all six of us. 

Albie looking content ( a wonderful and rare sight!!)

A whole week together filled with fun and adventure and the most wonderful memories to last a lifetime for which we are hugely grateful.

All of our boys were incredibly excited, and of course Albie was very anxious too but as soon as he got on the ferry he was beside himself with excitement. 

The staff and facilities were superb, having a cabin meant we had some space to relax and reassure Albie and he thought it was ‘posh’.

Thank you too to Christina who was fabulous and very experienced in guiding us through the whole process.

We will all remember this forever, and without the help and support from Dream-A-Way – it would not have been possible. 

You most definitely made a dream come true and for making that become a reality for my family, (who have been through a great many challenges) I am eternally grateful.