The Masons have a fantastic holiday and meet Mr Bean

Hi Jeff, well we are back from our amazing holiday in Portugal and our sincere thanks go

20160806_160838to you and all the Dream-A-Way team for making it possible.

We have sent you a few photographs to include Jack and his brothers on the beach, Jack with Mr Bean, all five of us Masons outside our hotel and possibly one of a tuk tuk, Jack’s favourite form of transport over there. Obviously we can resend them if that helps.

We had a fantastic time, leaving Bristol on a cold wet day and arriving to eleven straight days of glorious sunshine in Portugal just a couple of hours later.

As you might guess, Jack soon became well known as he expressed his excitement at just 20160803_212641about everything from the hotel pool to the tourist road train that went directly past our balcony. Other holiday makers smiled as Jack tried to involve them all in his excitement and they waved back to him as he frantically waved to the road train each time it went on its way. But Jack’s most favourite form of transport were the tuk tuks which we used to get home from the beach or nights out at Albufeira old town, only we had to coax Jack out of the tuk tuk each time as he never wanted to get off lol.

All of us loved the beach, pool, old town and the weather! The people were friendly and understanding of Jack which was really great too. On one of the days me and Jack’s two older brothers went to see Benfica Stadium in Lisbon whilst Jack and Sandra had a great time back at the resort. The boys also looked after Jack one particular20160805_123204 evening so that Sandra and I could  go out and enjoy a lovely meal for two and a drink, which happens so rarely these days as Jack needs our support 24/7. On another day we went to a Water Theme Park which is always a safe bet with Jack as you can imagine.

Finally, the ever-lasting memory for Jack will be meeting one of his very favourite characters Mr Bean who was sat on a bench in the tourist area of old town Albufeira most nights, indeed I suspect that Mr Bean will remember Jack from the summer of 2016 just as much! Today we showed Jack the holiday brochure we booked from and straight away he shouted “BEAN” as only Jack can!

Anyway, I could go on forever but I think you get the idea, we had the very best of times, memories to treasure for always thanks to Dream-A-Way.

Thank you!    Jack, Sandra, Paul, Sam & George Mason