Tom’s Dreams came true with a Trip to Rome

Dream-A-Way recently provided a holiday grant to young Tom from East Devon and were delighted to meet up with him and to hear about his wonderful holiday experience

 photo 6

Tom flew to Rome with his carers in November for a 5 day holiday at the Star Hotel Metropole


Tom is an absolutely delightful young man and it was a real pleasure to spend some time with him and his lovely  carers, Julie and Kate



Tom has no vision whatsoever and is autistic.

Nothing though, has stopped him from researching foreign countries and cuisines and cultures.

He has found totally amazing ways to utilise the latest technology so that he can immerse himself in any country.

photo 5

Tom has always wanted to travel abroad , it has been his dream.


When he was told that Dream-A-Way were helping make this come true, he was over the moon!.

He said

“ I felt like I was very rich and so amazed I could afford a holiday to Italy” .


Needless to say a  lot more research, by Tom, went on to ensure that he was able to converse pretty well with the extremely kind Italians and that he was able to sing a few arias and be sure he knew the sites he wished to visit


Tom has several highlights to this holiday.

Firstly, receiving a passport and  then flying for the first time.

Again well researched with U tube sound clips so he would be aware of the sounds he would expect to hear in flight.


He says, “ I had butterflies in my tummy, it was like being in a car but up in the air, I couldn’t stop singing I’m forever blowing bubbles at the airport. When I arrived I needed to sing some opera”

He really did this as had studied some arias and the national anthem which he greatly entertained  fellow travellers with

photo 4


Tom’s wish list for Rome included visits to the Coliseum, the Fountains, the Vatican and a museum.

All of which he enjoyed immensely.

He was especially taken with the amazing audio features at the museum talking through the history and exhibits which have given him massive lasting memories and knowledge


The holiday coincided with Tom’s 28th birthday which was celebrated in style at the Galina Bianca with a lovely pizza margarita and some bellisimo gelati.

photo 3

A seventh heaven for a very special young man

Last words today from Tom’s lovely carers were,

“he has just not stopped talking about this experience. If he meets anyone his first question is to ask if they have been abroad, followed swiftly by telling them that he has ,and then delights in sharing all his experiences”


We are delighted that Dream-A-Way were able to make this dream come true and Tom passes on his sincere thanks to everyone involved in making this possible


We really do make a difference and every volunteer, supporter and sponsor must be so proud to see what we are able to achieve, together

photo 2


On another note…….Tom is an absolutely ardent fan of early music systems, going back to the old HMV gramophones , and well before, as this wonderful pic of Tom with his prized possession well shows






photoJust a thought . If you have any old 78’s lurking in a loft somewhere or know someone who has, please consider making a special donation of this to this amazing young man


Please reply to Dream-A-Way on 07796442144 or









Happy Christmas