Wałęsa Family Writes a Huge Letter of Thanks to Dream-A-Way

Without Your Help we could not do the work we do – Jeff Merrett MBE


Dream-A-Way helps many families  and we have many thanks from our clients for the grants we provide. But this letter really touched our hearts because it expresses the real difference we do for families over the area we cover.


We wanted to share this with you all (with permission) so you that have helped can see what a real difference you have made


Enjoy 🙂


Dear Sir or Madam
My name is Tomek Wałęsa.
Me and my family came from Poland, and we are living together in United Kingdom for two years.
My children attend to British schools, I work, and my wife runs the house and takes care of our disabled daughter Zuzanna.Zuzanna at Sandy Bay beach
We found out about your foundation and possibilities you’re creating during one of the many visits in hospital. After a short period of time we have received an information that we got a booked holiday, and we supposed to get ready for trip to small town near our home.
I was so suprised and delighted about how things turned out, which is why I decided to write a few warm words to you in my, and “woman of my life” behalf.
Our trip was splendid. I am even skipping about how lovely was the place, the caravan, and activities arranged for us (including the circus and Zuzanna’s photoshoot).
It’s about the idea.

Idea of your foundation and about how you help families like ours, in which everything and everybody is subordinated to the needs of disabled kids (including Zuzanna’s three sisters and mostly – my wife) who can take a few deeper breaths and rest from everyday life!
You’re doing a huge work by giving kids that much of joy and happiness.
Great thing is that these kinds of holidays are opportunity to rest kids and their’s mothers.
Let’s not forget that these mothers (I’m not only writing about my wife) often work almost 24 hours a day, many of them gived up their careers, many didn’t get that possibility and are trying to combine the work and taking care of their childs.
So again, thank you for being “Dream-a-way”.

Thanks to your foundation and people behind it, the world is becoming better and warmer place.
Special thanks to Maxy Maxwell for his personal input, and great photoshoot of our “princess Zuzanna”.
Zuzanna wants to also thank to a young married couple from Exeter, which told us about you. “Dream-a-way”.